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Why are they white?

As a mom, I wanted to create a bath product that I would feel confident letting my kids soak in daily, knowing their skins would be absorbing the ingredients. I experimented and researched A LOT with colorants that are FDA approved for a bath product, and I wasn’t comfortable with any of them. They either stained the tub (unless I added chemicals), or I found evidence of them being a “possible carcinogen”. That’s not good enough for my kids, so I wasn’t going to sell it to your kids either.

How do they compare, in price, to others?

You can find cheaper bath bombs with toys inside if that’s all you care about, but you will not find the quality of ingredients that these have, nor the eco-friendly packaging. These are comparable or cheaper than other high-quality “natural” bath bombs on the market and have a toy inside.

Do they make a bubble bath?

No. These are “Milk-Bath” bombs, so you might notice the water is cloudy as your child’s body is soaking in a soothing milk bath. Excessive use of “bubble” ingredients can lead to an increased risk of yeast infections, so we have opted to create “milk-bath” bombs instead, but they still fizz!

Why are most of the toys so small?

Kids are simply excited by the idea of getting a toy inside of their bath bomb. It’s the same concept as a happy meal, finish your meal and get a toy. Take a bath and get a toy. With that in mind, I decided I wanted to utilize as much of the bath bomb space for high quality ingredients as possible. This creates a win-win. Mom knows she got the most bang for her buck and the kids are happy to find out what surprise awaits them. Plus, kids love all things mini 😋.

Why don’t you put the toy inside of a plastic egg?

Our mission statement is to “keep your kids and the earth clean” and we take this seriously. Every plastic egg only creates more of a problem for our planet. Not to mention it takes up extra space that could be filled with quality ingredients.

Are these handmade?

Yes, this custom-recipe is mixed and molded by my niece in Newman Lake, Washington. She then packages and ships every order. We want to know, with certainty, that kids are getting the best possible product to soak in, so we keep this recipe and its production in close proximity.