List of 3 Unique Easter Basket Ideas

3 Unique Easter Basket Ideas

Number 1: Bath Bomb With Hidden Toy Inside

You guessed it! Number one on my list is a set of bath bombs with a hidden toy inside. My obsession with creating a natural and organic bath bomb for kids started with my kids requesting them for holidays. This is a guilt-free basket stuffer that will make your life easier [ie. kids want to take a bath] and will bring them tons of joy on Easter and beyond! 

Here is an example of one of our natural & organic kid sets:


You can check out all our sets here: https://bathbombsforkids.com/collections/all 

Number 2: Fairy Garden Basket

I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of traditional Easter baskets. They serve no purpose the rest of the year, take up space in the garage and rarely get re-used. For Easter this year, I have decided to layer in a fairy garden experience. To do this, I've simply used a flower pot, garden gnomes, and flower pods. All of these items can be found at the dollar store. Once I have the flower pot filled with bath bombs, the fairy garden supplies and any other goodies I picked up I'll wrap it with a gift bag (which I also picked up at the dollar store). 


Number 3: Spring Activities

Kids are so excited to spend time outside now that it's finally getting warm! Why not fill their baskets with all things Spring? Some fun ideas include, sidewalk chalk, frisbees, jump ropes and bouncy balls. 


I hope this brought some inspiration to your Easter shopping. Thanks again for being a part of my journey! 


Jessica at Bath Bombs For Kids



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