pick the best natural bath bombs for kids with sensitive skin

How to choose the best natural bath bombs (especially for kids with sensitive skin):

Bath bombs are fun and exciting and they give kids a great reason to hop in the tub without giving mom and hard time, they are a great gift for kids! However, it’s important to keep in mind that the skin is the largest organ on/in the human body, and the skin will absorb what it is soaking in. This is why the ingredients in bath bombs is so important. 

Before I started Bath Bombs For Kids I spent about a year testing and tweaking different ingredients. I spent SEVERAL months researching different colorants that the FDA would approve for use in a bath bomb, and even micas (what most natural bath bombs use for color) have titanium dioxide in them. And titanium dioxide is a possible carcinogen. After months and months of researching and testing I came to the conclusion that the bath bombs would be so pure you can see it, and so, they are naturally white with a very small amount of naturally colored sugar sprinkles on top (colored with beat juice & spirulina). You might be wondering why I didn’t use beat juice and spirulina to color the bath bombs, and I wish I could be the FDA does not allow cosmetics to be colored with those ingredients. After all this fuss in my mind, wanna know how my kids reacted to white bath bombs with sugar sprinkles on top? They thought they were awesome! They didn’t care one bit that they weren’t colored. They cared about the fizz, the citrus smell, the coconut milk cloud and of course, the toy inside! Everybody was happy! Yay!!! 

So, how do you pick the best natural bath bombs for kids? 

natural ingredient bath bomb for kids

1: Natural Ingredients:

  • Coconuts
    • I’ve already talked about the colors, but what about the rest of the ingredients? When I was playing around with this recipe I had a few main goals. First, to find ingredients that aren’t just natural, but are beneficial. Coconut oil and coconut milk have so many nutrient rich properties, and are especially good for the skin. This is why I use both. On the ingredient label they are listed as “Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides” (commonly referred to as MCT oil or coconut oil) and “Coconut Fruit Extract” (commonly referred to as coconut milk). For these ingredients I only use USDA certified organic suppliers. The other ingredient I use that is derived from coconuts is “Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate” (commonly referred to as SCI). This is the cleaning agent that is found in most organic and natural soaps for kids and babies. When choosing a natural bath bomb, try to find one that has beneficial ingredients like these.
  • Essential Oils
    • As you may know, synthetic fragrances (known as parfums), are being referred to as the second-hand smoke of our generation. Many people are turning to essential oils as a healthy alternative, which is great, but when it comes to kids you must be careful. When you are buying bath bombs for kids, make sure they are using essential oils (preferably organic), and make sure they are “kid safe”. I only use USDA organic, kid-safe essential oils at Bath Bombs For Kids.
  • All-Natural (for real)
    • If a company claims to sell “all natural bath bombs” but they have polysorbate 80 or the word “fragrance” in the ingredient list then they are not natural. 

2: Benefits of Use

  • Bath bombs should serve two purposes, bringing joy and adding nutrients to your body. Try to find a bath bomb for your kids that is filled with nutrients (like coconut milk) that will also leave their skin so smooth you don’t even need put lotion on them after their bath.
eco friendly bath bombs for kids

 3: Eco-Friendly

    • Considering most bath bombs are covered in a plastic shrink wrap, and hundreds of millions are sold each year it’s best to find a bath bomb that uses biodegradable shrink wrap. It does exist, I know because I use it. This is the most important eco-friendly element, but if they also use boxes that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified that is even better! It’s a great opportunity to talk to your kids about recycling and taking care of the planet (even if that means supporting just one business who is eco-friendly).

4: Crafted in the USA

    • The USA has strict guidelines to control the quality of bath products that other countries may not have or follow. When you buy products that are crafted in the USA you get peace of mind.
      5: Support a small business if you can
        • Small businesses are the life-blood of America, and they need local support. When you buy from a small business you bring hope and joy to the family behind the brand.
      natural bath bombs with toy inside
      6: Choose bath bombs that are exciting!
        • Last but not least, look for bath bombs that make bath time exciting! Look for attributes that make your child curious and joyful (like a toy hidden inside).

      How to Choose the Best Natural Bath Bombs For Kids Conclusion:

      One of the most important products for you to choose carefully when it comes to your kids are their bath products. Since the skin will absorb the ingredients, you want to make sure they are pure and beneficial for their health. I spent over a year hand-picking each ingredient that goes into Bath Bombs For Kids, and I’m not ashamed to ask you to go see them for yourself. Every one of the 6 steps I listed can be checked off, and your kid will love every second of bath time. 

      Happy Bathing, 

      Jessica at Bath Bombs For Kids

      Shop my selection of bath bombs at www.bathbombsforkids.com 

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