Bath Bombs For Kids Make Great Rewards for Tooth Brushing Charts

I don’t know about you, but one of the constant stressors in my house is getting my kids to brush their teeth without a fight. You would think I was asking them to perform oral surgery rather than practice oral hygiene. All I want is for them to brush their teeth when they wake up and then again when they go to bed. Simple, right? 


Well, for whatever reason this is a constant issue for us, and with the cost of filling cavities I literally cannot afford for them NOT to do it. 


So, I’ve come up with a simple reward system that costs arounds $6 a week (way cheaper than cavities)  AND makes bath night an absolute breeze. 


As you may know, I’m the owner and founder of Bath Bombs For Kids, and I started this business because I saw how much joy my kids got from bath bombs with a surprise toy inside. (It’s like a happy meal, but for bath time). However, I couldn’t find any that were non-toxic and beneficial. So, I spent 9 months coming up with the recipe that I now use in all of the bath bombs I sell. 

In Comes the Toothbrush Reward Chart

I had an epiphany a few months ago, and realized these are the PERFECT reward for brushing teeth. 

Here’s how I do it: I make a chart (simple lines on a piece of paper) that has 5 squares followed by a reward. Every night after they brush and floss I ask them “Did you brush your teeth this morning and brush and floss tonight?” (of course I already know the answer), and they tell me “yes” so they get a sticker. 

bath bombs for kids toothbrush reward chart

Weekly Cost of Bath Bomb Surprise Reward

After they have gotten 5 stickers, they get an all-natural bath bomb with a toy inside! This means that every 5 days I use 1 bath bomb from my six pack (which costs $6.50). Out of all the things I spend $6.50 per week on, like an amazing iced coffee, this one is a no brainer. 


When my kids say to me *insert loud whiny voice* “I don’t waaaant to brush”, I simply say “okay you don’t get a sticker” and EVERY time they decide to brush their teeth, so they don’t miss out on the sticker, and ultimately the bath bomb surprise. I have eliminated fighting over dental hygiene in my house, and lowered my dental bills in the process. PLUS, they look forward to bath night when they get their bath bomb, which makes those nights REALLY nice for me (especially in the summer when they don’t want to come inside EVER).  


What are some fun ways you can use bath bombs to reward your kids, and therefore reward yourself with an easy bath night?


If you are ready to start your reward chart, you can shop my selection of hand-made bath bombs here 


Happy Bathing, 

XO ~Jessica

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